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"Kent Smith’s work has been described as “charming and hilarious” and “simultaneously subversive and adorable.” A commercial artist, Kent got his start in retail promotion, drawing memorable images for Trader Joe’s, People’s Market, Wild Oats and Lucky’s Market. Other clients include business consulting firms and IT service organizations, where in addition to commissioned illustrations, he has led innovation sessions using graphic facilitation/scribing.

 Kent’s work, largely acrylic and charcoal, reflects his social conscience, by way of his love of music, midcentury advertising, and furry animals. His delightful, sometimes mischievous, sense of humor (all his puns are unapologetically intended) yields images that cheekily nod to pop culture but are infused with his fresh sensibility and a whole lot of color."

-Jane Flynn-Royko

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email: sport9000@gmail.com
phone: 773.563.3258

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